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Welcome To Our Institute

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Reducing the alcohol in wine and sparkling wine from 5

Reducing the alcohol in wine and sparkling wine from 5.2 per cent to 2 per cent as part of an interim plan that is expected to reduce carbon emissions by a third over the next seven years was worth a total of €14 million annually by 2021, according to the EU’s climate action plan.

“I believe that this is in order and that this is a very good thing,” said Christian Eichhorn, head of the EU’s Energy Commissioner in Bonn.

“The new directive will ensure that the quality of the European wine market can improve further, because the production of more sparkling wine and wines of the highest quality are being produced and exported.

“There are also measures to boost the market.”

But critics said the latest package was a “draconian” and “dangerous” proposal, and that it risked putting pressure on businesses to increase their carbon footprint.

In addition to the wine directive, the EU plan will set standards on food packaging and will focus on promoting transparency, and making it easier for producers to register their greenhouse gas emissions.

The comm바카라ission will also launch a global climate fund.

“In Europe, we are doing a lot and not enough to help the environment,” Eichhorn told a conference of the Institute for Sustainable Development in Bonn.

“So I think we have to be bolder. And to make that bolder, we need to be open in the public domain and in negotiations that are going on in Bonn, especially the international ones.”

On carbon pricing – a key plank of the commission’s plan – he called on EU leaders to “put carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the EU’s national priorities”.

The EU will also set up a pilot market for carbon capture and storage from 2022 and the plan is expected to boost 우리카지노the amount of carbon that is kept out of the atmosphere through the p우리카지노roduction of bottled waters and sparkling wine.

The plans come as Germany plans to increase its gas supply to the EU in line with rising demand from China and South Africa.

On Tuesday, the EU commission also agreed to move forward with a “climate protection act”.