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Mcdonalds vouchers breach childrens advertising code of conduct

Mcdonalds vouchers breach childrens advertising code of conduct

MONTREAL – McDonald’s Canada has been accused of breaching its childrens advertising code by purchasing nearly $4 million worth of children’s programming from a Quebec-based company, The Canadian Press has learned.

A memo from the food giant was recently handed to the National Child Advocacy Program, an organization that advocates for children’s safety and protection.

McDonald’s Canada’s board of directors, including CEO Don Thompson, has been named as part of the National Child Advocacy Program’s compliance investigation,카지노 사이트 which began in 2010 after a complaint to the agency by a mother who found a McDonald’s employee had promoted children’s program “The Little Piggy Ride” on its Web site.

At the time of the promotion, a poster for the program stated, “You Can Be One of 2,000 Little Pigs, Be on the front page of all of the major news magazines in a few seconds.”

A McDonald’s employee in Quebec who claimed to have discovered the promotion was later told that the promotion had nothing to do with the company, although it had featured the same image.

In February 2010, McDonald’s Canada issued a statement acknowledging that “in retrospect we acknowledge that there might have been a breach of its [childrens] advertising code.”

However, within a couple of months of the release of a follow-up investigation report into the promotion, McDonald’s Canada’s board of directors had failed to take any action, despite repeated requests from the agency, according to the memo.

A follow-up investigation, led by the advocacy program, concluded that only four people, including a chief executive officer at McDonald’s Canada, were involved in the promotion of the Little Piggy Ride. Those involved were none of the three individuals who’d signed the contract with McDonald’s Canada to create the program. It was only when the program became a reality did the company admit it had breachegospelhitzd its children카지노 사이트s advertising code.

After this investigation and in June of 2012, McDonald’s Canada issued a statement that it had followed the guidelines put in place by the National Child Advocacy Program in respect of advertising on its Web sites for its children’s programs and that it had reached agreements with McDonald’s Canada regarding the promotion.

However, McDonald’s Canada failed to respond to numerous inquiries seeking evidence and testimony from these former employees in relation to the Little Piggy Ride promotion.

The National Child Advocacy Program subsequently notified the federal Consumer Protection and Consumer Reporting Bureau of Canada in December, 2013