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Global Bilingual Institute Of Technology Kolkata

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Welcome To Our Institute

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Welcome To Our Institute

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Overseas Industrial Technical Institute provides basic practical training for instrumentation. The lab is equipped for testing of different process parameter such as Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, & Control Valve.

The Pressure Measurement System includes

  • Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Pressure Transmitter Calibration
  • Pressure Switch High Calibration
  • Pressure Switch Low Calibration

The Temperature Measurement System includes

  • Calibration of RTD
  • Calibration of Temperature Indicator
  • Calibration of Thermocouple
  • Calibration of Temperature Switch
  • Calibration of Temperature Transmitter
  • Calibration of RTD Type Transmitter
  • Calibration of Thermocouple type Transmitter
  • Calibration of RTD with Transmitter
  • Calibration Of Thermocouple With Transmitter
  • Calibration of Temperature Gauge

The Flow Measurement System includes

  • Calibration of Flow Transmitter
  • Calibration of Flow Indicator
  • Calibration of Orifice Plate

Level Measurement System Includes

  • Calibration of Level Transmitter
  • Calibration of Wet Leg/
  • Calibration of dry Leg
  • Calibration of Interface level

Controller System Includes

  • Calibration Of Air to Open Control Valve
  • Calibration Of Air to Closed Control Valve
  • Calibration Of Solenoid (ON/OFF) Valve
  • Calibration of Single Seated Valve
  • Calibration of Double Seated Valve


The Class Room capable of accommodating 20 student of a time equipped with Projector system. The class room is suitable for student theory.


A classroom environment offers students the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with their peers and instructors. This is an added social benefit as well as an educational aid. . In the case of higher learning, pupils can find potential lifelong professional connections. On the educational side, students get a chance to participate in a lecture or class discussion physically. If something is not understood, interrupting to ask for clarification is always an option.


The Instrumentation Labs are capable of providing practical training in pressure gauge ton modern smart transmitters and field bus instruments. the Lab is well equipped and capable of imparting training for the operation and maintenance of various measurement and control systems of the industrial parameters like pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level Vibration, Conductivity etc. and the final control systems like control valve, the control systems of PLC/SCADA with HMI etc.

Therefore the students become capable of working as experienced persons immediately on the completion of the course.Even those who have passed B.Tech in Instrumentation, electronic and telecomunnication engineering utilize the facilities of Instrumentation Labs for practical experience and doing projects.