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Welcome To Our Institute

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‘ For me, I always considered it a real privilege to

“If Stephen said something, it couldn’t have been anything that bad. We’re teammates. CAPTION: Rumble at Redskin Park: Wide receiver Michael Westbrook gets in several punches against his Redskins teammate, injured running back Stephen Davis, during an altercation on the sideline at an afternoon practice at Redskin Park.

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Nkemdiche called NFL teams’ questions about the incident “understandable,” and added: “I told them the truth of the person I am. That’s not the morals I hold myself to. That’s not the standards I hold myself to. Best 17 yard gain:With the Redskins leading 13 10 and facing second and eight from their own 3 yard line in the third quarter,KirkCousins tried to force a throw to Jordan Reed. Moseley, who sprinted toward the end zone and was poised to give Baltimore the lead before he fumbled the ball through the end zone for a touchback. At the time, it was Washington’s third most productive play of the afternoon..

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